Bobby’s Exclusive Song “That’s How It Went, All Right” from his Debut Film Performance in 1960’s “Pepe”!

Bobby was a busy, busy man in 1960, and with an eye on pictures, he made quite a splash in his 5-minute debut performance in the Oscar and Golden Globe nominated all-star singing cast and film, “Pepe” in which the protagonists encounter some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (including Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Jack Lemmon, Sammy Davis Jr., and lucky for them and us, BOBBY DARIN!).

Pepe Film Poster Quad

This number, written by the esteemed Andre Previn and recently married wife Dorothy (Langdon) – a perfect tune for Bobby and he nails it.

Most likely recorded at the same session Bobby recorded the theme to “Tall Story” by the same writing team (“Tall Story” would appear as the b-side to Bobby’s “Clementine” single – though he sang the theme song, Bobby did not appear in film).

From the Colpix Records stereo soundtrack, “Pepe” long out of print on LP, but re-released on CD in 1999 by Collector’s Choice Music… Colpix Records was created just two years earlier by Columbia Pictures-Screen Gems (now Sony Screen Gems) and “Pepe” was one of their first LP releases.

Pepe LP

Bobby Darin, “That’s How It Went, All Right” (Previn/Langdon) (Stereo) rec. 2/5/196

Settle in to this great song… and just wait for Bobby to really “kick in” – this neglected cut (never released on a Bobby Darin comp) really cooks!  Enjoy!

Purchase the original 1960 LP or the OOP 1999 CD Soundtrack HERE!


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  1. Great performance, and please do not forget Cantiflas.
    Darin was very sexy in this movie.

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