Bobby Darin’s Rare Stereo Mix of “Lazy River” with Spoken Intro!

Exclusive version with Bobby’s recorded intro from the 1961 Stereo LP, “The Bobby Darin Story”

Lazy River Sheet Music

Bobby had a hit with another fantastic arrangement by Richard Behrke (“Mack the Knife”) on this old Hoagy Carmichael number!

Just missed the number 1 spot in the UK reaching #2 on the charts in 1961!

Mono is almost always the go-to version of this wonderful rendition as you’ll notice in this stereo mix the wider, yet still smooth, “ping-pong” vocals.  A great companion to the hit mono version and with exclusive Bobby commentary for this LP-only!

“Lazy River” (Carmichael/Arodin) – rec. 8/18/1960, Bobby’s spoken introduction recorded 1961.

Stereo LP re-press coming soon from Friday Music on 180g Vinyl!


6 thoughts on “Bobby Darin’s Rare Stereo Mix of “Lazy River” with Spoken Intro!

  1. Thanks for sharing this rare stereo mix. It is a treat to hear his speaking voice besides his singing voice.

  2. Nice inclusion.
    I’ve often wondered why LAZY RIVER has the same large font as MACK THE KNIFE on The Bobby Darin Story LP. Surely “Beyond The Sea” or “Dream Lover” would be more eye-catching and familiar to more people. Was it the single release at the time and thus a “new” song?

    At any rate, I shall NOT be purchasing the Stereo LP for $32.99–I don’t care if it IS 180 grams, whatever that means. Grin.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Where can I purchase the Lazy River Sheet music composed with the talking intro/ with richard Behrke

  4. Thanks for this interesting BD tidbit. Wonder if you have ever seen the Lazy River performance Bobby Darin supposedly gave on the Bob Hope Buick Show which aired October 3, 1960 on NBC? Doesn’t seem to be on the various commercial and bootleg copies. Wonder if he did perform Lazy River on this occasion and the film was cut or if rights have not been pursued. Would love to see the performance because BD usually adds so much live…

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