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“You know, I used to be pissed off at Bobby Darin because he changed styles so much. Now I look at him and I think he was a fucking genius.” – Neil Young

BD 1

No More Mack the Knife Guy.

Well, technically he is – he reinterpreted the tune from the 1928 musical, “Three Penny Opera”, and made it the #1 smash-hit we all know and love today.

[“Mack the Knife”, Take 7, Session Outtake w False Start, December 19, 1958]

But he was so much more than just that.

Soul. Funk. Pop. Rock. Jazz. R&B. Swing. Folk. Country.

This Ain’t your Grandma’s Bobby Darin..

(unless you have a super-cool Grandma)

Hang up the tux, take off the hairpiece, and discover the music and soul of THE REAL BOBBY DARIN.





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