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Friday Music just re-released Bobby’s first “best of” collection from 1961 on ATCO on 180g Vinyl!  Although the white cover was for the original mono release, they have issued it with the stereo album for this re-release only.

Friday Music tells us it’s the first installment in their Bobby Darin 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series..

Great album to start collecting freshly minted audiophile Darin!

Exclusive Bobby talk and alt. vocals (noted below)


  1. Splish Splash (Darin/Murray) [w BD’s Spoken Intro and Rehearsal]
  2. Early in the Morning (Darin/Harris) [Original Processed Stereo]
  3. Queen of the Hop
  4. Plain Jane (Harris)
  5. Dream Lover (Darin)
  6. Mack the Knife (Brecht/Weill) [w BD’s Spoken Intro]
  7. Beyond the Sea (Lawrence/Trenet) [w BD’s Spoken Intro]
  8. Clementine (Harris) [Alt. Vocal]
  9. Bill Bailey (Trad. Arr: Darin/Scott)
  10. Artificial Flowers (Bock/Harnick) [Exclusive 1961 Stereo Mix]
  11. Somebody to Love (Darin)
  12. Lazy River (Carmichael/Arodin)

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood

Bobby’s 1995 Box Set

Box set

As Long as I’m Singin’: The Bobby Darin Collection
Released in 1995, this Box from Rhino is 4-CDs packed with highlights, album cuts, and rarities from Bobby’s entire career – from 1957-1972 overseen by Bobby’s longtime manager, friend, and curator, the late, great Steve Blauner!

Although OOP, you can still find sets readily available from third party sellers!

All the Hits in One Place:


Bobby Darin: The Hit Singles Collection (WB/Elektra/Rhino)
20 hit singles from 1958-1966

The ATCO Hits:

Ultimate Darin

The Ultimate Bobby Darin
Released in 1988(!), this 17-track collection has terrific, natural sound and is still our go-to for the one-stop shop for “Queen of the Hop” to “Somebody to Love” – the 45s the way you remember them!

The Capitol Collection(s):

legendary bd

The Legendary Bobby Darin
Over 20 Classics including “18 Yellow Roses”, “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, and “Hello Dolly!”

BD Collectors Series

Capitol Collectors Series
Though this 1989 Collection is Long OOP, you can still find copies.

Some of the best sounding recordings during BD’s Captiol tenure Compiled by the incredible Ron Furmanek as part of Capitol’s “Collectors Series” Releases.. you may even hear some “count-ins” and studio chatter straight from the master tapes on this one!  From Folk/Country to BD’s Classic Vocal Pop!

Ultra Lounge

Ultra Lounge: Wild Cool & Swingin’
The title says it all – 20 cuts of cool jazz and swingin’ music from his Capitol era.

If you’re planning a “hep” party, want a toe-tapper, or like to sing at the top of your lungs in the car, this is the disc for you!

Swingin Side Capitol

The Swinging Side of Bobby Darin
Short, swingin’ Comp from Capitol with select original outtakes from 2005.  Ultra Lounge: Wild Cool & Swingin’ still the recommended “nutshell” go-to for this ultra-cool period at Capitol.

Capitol Years 3 Set

The Capitol Years (3-Disc Set)
Collects most, but not all of BD’s Capitol cuts from Folk to Swing on 3 CDs.

Unreleased Capitol

Unreleased Capitol Sides
A CD’s worth of excellent outtakes from his Capitol residency put out by Collector’s Choice  – tracks unreleased as of 1999, when CD was released.  Now OOP, but readily available.

On May 7, 2016 Capitol Released the digital-only The Complete “Rare Capitol Masters Deluxe” Set which has all of the extant, all now officially released cuts – 35 tracks in one place!

Bobby Darin Rare Capitol Masters Deluxe

For Amazon MP3, purchase HERE!

For lossless CD-quality, purchase at PONO MUSIC HERE!

Milk Shows

‘The Milk Shows’
Finally released after Capitol discovered this set in the early 2000s, collected (though choppily-edited to squeeze onto 2-CDs) in 2014 as an Import-only  –  the final gift to Darin fans from BD’s longtime manager, the late Steve Blauner .  An odd but rewarding non-audiophile listening experience as Bobby covers song snippets he never recorded in studio – recorded in 1963/1964, originally broadcast in five minute blitzes sponsored by the American Dairy Association for NBC.

A must-own for the die-hard collector as Bobby is also backed by a live jazz quartet.

A great example of a release that could have benefited from a longer, less-choppy, “more natural” experience as a hi-rez, digital companion piece, without the limits of cramming and editing for 2-CDs.  Though some of the songs performed are quite short, a companion piece could be compiled from those tapes by our network of professionals and would be a superior “you are in the small audience with Bobby” listening experience.

The Atlantic/Direction Years:

Bobby 1966-1969

The Very Best of Bobby Darin 1966-1969
Excellent comp that covers Bobby at some of his most adventurous – protest, funk, singer-songwriter cuts. Bobby writes about “sweet and sour smoke”, naked girls, bitter fans, and other hilarious “Distractions”.

Notable also as the only place to get the original mono single and album cuts from this key era.

Kudos to Varese Sarabande for putting this stuff out there on disc in ’99.  Okay – so this, this ain’t your Grandma’s Bobby Darin (unless your have the coolest Grandma out there, then we applaud her and you).

This collection (and albums and 45s its culled from) are must-owns to “get” the real BD.

Swingin the Standards

Swingin’ the Standards
Varese Sarabande also put out this excellent comp of Bobby’s wonderful versions of standards from this era including “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, “It’s Today”, and “Mame” back in ’99.  OOP, but still available.

If you love his Capitol swinging stuff – this is its brilliant one-stop counterpart.

Songs from Big Sur

Songs from Big Sur
This criminally ignored collection from Varese Sarabane released in 2004, is a harder-to-find OOP release collection exploring Bobby at this funkiest, honest and raw, best.

Choice cuts from his groovy, funky, at-times chillingly honest “Bob Darin” Direction LPs, rarities, non-LP singles, and other tracks that were just too cool for what radio thought was “Bobby’s audience” at the time.  No splish splashin’ here…

Includes the first (and only!) release of 4 tracks from Bobby’s amazing, down-to-earth, performances Live at the Troubadour in LA, May ’69.   One of the hottest clubs in West Hollywood – an amazed audience is with Bobby as you’ve never heard him.  A lucky bunch got to hear what they weren’t hearing on radio – the real Bobby Darin.  And they were with him and “Got it” (and so will you).

Includes Bobby’s live version of his self-written, but never studio-recorded, hit for Tim Hardin, “Simple Song of Freedom”.

Useless liner notes by “The Official Archivist” Jimmy Scalia.  No recording dates – nothing, no details.  But the music is great – mastered by Dan Hersch at DigiPrep.  A wonderful collection.


The Motown Years

Motown Years

Another Song on My Mind: The Motown Years
Finally released by the passionate folk at Real Gone and Second Disc Records on March 11, 2016!  Collects his entire Motown output, alternate mixes, super rare non-LP singles on one 2-disc collection.

Fans have been clamoring for this to come for years and years.  Includes his final studio self-titled LP, including “Sail Away”, complete, on disc, for the first time anywhere.