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The BD Underground focuses on the music of Bobby Darin, however there is much more to discover about the dynamic and bad-ass life of BD!

Discuss All Things Darin with Others on these Active Facebook sites:

The Bobby Darin Fan Club (Facebook) – Lots of rare photos, discussions and insights from fans around the world!  Check out hundreds of Bobby Darin photos in their Albums section

The Bobby Darin Appreciation Page (Facebook) – Appreciation it is!  Also known to do giveaways on unique BD items.

If you are active on Facebook, we recommend joining both of these sites as they are both interactive and loving curated.

Forgotten Hits – Excellent site run by Kent Kotal who explores and plays your favorite songs from yesteryear – and he has a LOT of love for Bobby!  Sign up to receive his blog updates!

Recommended Books/Additional Information:

Dream Lovers: The Magnificent Shattered Lives of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee by  Dodd Darin and Maxine Paetro – the Definitive Book on the Life of Bobby Darin (and Sandra Dee).

That’s All: Bobby Darin on Record, Stage and Screen (Revised and Expanded Second Edition) by Jeff Bleiel – the original go-to Bible of Darin Sessionography written by the co-producer of Bobby’s 1995 Box Set, “As Long As I’m Singin'”.  Last updated 2004 – still a must-own and go-to reference book for any Darin fan (both of his music and on-screen performances).

Bobby Darin: A Listener’s Guide by Ph.D Shane Brown – First edition 2015, well-researched, full of detail, and opinions – though we occasionally have a friendly disagreement on quality of different eras and sessions, we recommend this one, too.  By BD Underground contributor and UK Darinoligist Shane Brown.

JazzDisco.Org – Excellent resource for fidning session players, recording locations collected by jazz enthusiasts with a dedicated page on Atlantic Records.  Searching the dates  on the “Complete LP and Session Outtakes” page and looking up those dates on gives further insight into the early ATCO sessions on Darin if you like to keep drilling down (as we do)

Special Singers/Performers:

All hugely successful and talented in their own right…

Dennis Tufano Original Lead Singer of The Buckinghams and leads the current “I Remember Bobby Darin” live show!
Dion – Keeping Bobby’s Spirit Alive and still rockin’
Frankie Avalon Considers Bobby to have been the best, most multi-talented of the “teen idols” (himself included!).  Still going strong!
Brian Setzer – Huge Bobby fan, and all-around cool cat – keeping Bobby’s Spirit Alive!
Wayne Newton – Bobby’s protegee and always kind words and insights on the real BD
Tony Orlando – Friend and has stated Bobby is his “Personal Idol”.  Always happy to talk Bobby!

Matt Forbes – Young and Immensely Talented Singer/Personality, Cites BD as Huge Influence and New Album recorded at Capitol Studios, “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” includes BD covers worthy of the man himself (album currently getting well-deserved critical acclaim).

Bobby’s Streaming on Spotify

We don’t encourage listening to Bobby in lossless “tinny” quality as proper listening experience (PonoMusic’s mission is to upgrade sound of streaming music online), but set your computer “radio” to Bobby to listen to a wide range of BD output, including some OOP albums in lossy format (then we encourage you to purchase what you like in CD-quality or better)!  Links in the Discography on How and Where to Purchase in at least 44.1/16 CD-quality sound..

Do you sing Bobby tracks?  Sample any of his Music for Your Own Work? Studio Pro?  Like to sing “Dream Lover” on ukulele in your living room and record it?  Let us know and we’ll link to you!

Got your own link?  Create Bobby fan art on Etsy?  Have a Darin page of your own?  Email us to post your link!

We concentrate on BD and BD-related recorded music only here at the BD Underground, so we’re happy to link to other aspects of his dynamic life here