June 22, 2016

Friday Music just re-released Bobby’s first “best of” collection from 1961 on ATCO on 180g Vinyl!  Although the white cover was for the original mono release, they have issued it with the stereo album for this re-release only.

Friday Music tells us it’s the first installment in their Bobby Darin 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series..

Great album to start collecting freshly minted audiophile Darin!

Exclusive Bobby talk and alt. vocals (noted below)


  1. Splish Splash (Darin/Murray) [w BD’s Spoken Intro and Rehearsal]
  2. Early in the Morning (Darin/Harris) [Original Processed Stereo]
  3. Queen of the Hop
  4. Plain Jane (Harris)
  5. Dream Lover (Darin)
  6. Mack the Knife (Brecht/Weill) [w BD’s Spoken Intro]
  7. Beyond the Sea (Lawrence/Trenet) [w BD’s Spoken Intro]
  8. Clementine (Harris) [Alt. Vocal]
  9. Bill Bailey (Trad. Arr: Darin/Scott)
  10. Artificial Flowers (Bock/Harnick) [Exclusive 1961 Stereo Mix]
  11. Somebody to Love (Darin)
  12. Lazy River (Carmichael/Arodin)

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Mastering in Hollywoo

March 23, 2016


Each year, the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress chooses 25 recordings showcasing the range and diversity of American recorded sound heritage in order to increase preservation awareness. The diversity of nominations received highlights the richness of the nation’s audio legacy and underscores the importance of assuring the long-term preservation of that legacy for future generations.

“Mack the Knife” began its life in Weill and Brecht’s “The Threepenny Opera” in 1928.  The song opens and closes the play, sung by a ragged organ grinder to herald the play’s gangster anti-hero, Mackie Messer.  Recorded in 1956 by Louis Armstrong, it became one of the least likely hits of the year.  It was covered again in 1959 by pop crooner Bobby Darin.  Darin’s version is consciously in the spirit of Armstrong’s, using his pronunciation and his name-check of the song originator’s Lotte Lenya, but his arrangement is jazzier, going from a  jazzy, finger-snapping opening to a full-throttled, rocking climax.  “Mack the Knife” became an even bigger international pop hit this time around, as well as Darin’s signature song. Selected for the 2015 registry.

See Complete National Recording Registry Listing and further details here!

After 40 years, new Bobby Releases Still Come out in all kinds of formats!

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Motown Years

Bobby Darin Motown Release Banner

Bobby Darin Motown Release Banner

Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon!

Press Release from Second Disc Records:

UPDATED: Bobby Darin’s “Another Song On My Mind: The Motown Years” Coming In May For His 80th!

MARCH 10, 2016, Joe Marchese

Look out, old Bobby is back!

On May 14, 2016, Bobby Darin would have turned 80 years old.  Though he tragically passed away at the age of 37 on December 20, 1973, he accomplished more in these short years than most artists do in a lifetime.  It’s no wonder that Darin remains one of the most electrifying entertainers the world has ever known.  Earlier this year, Second Disc Records and Real Gone Music announced the release of a new title from two legendary icons of American popular song: Bobby Darin and Motown Records!  Another Song on My Mind: The Motown Years was originally planned to arrive in stores tomorrow, but has been rescheduled for a very special milestone.  It will now arrive to mark his actual birthday month! We’re inaugurating Bobby’s 80th birthday year a little over a week before the big day – on May 6.  And we hope it will be worth the wait.  We have more new details just below!

Another Song on My Mind: The Motown Years is the first-ever anthology dedicated to the recordings made by Bobby Darin at Motown Records at the dawn of the 1970s.  This 2-CD, 38-track set had its roots in the Reissue Theory column published here over five years ago, on February 16, 2011 – and in the ensuing years, the collection has only gotten bigger and more comprehensive! Another Song on My Mind fully chronicles the long-overlooked period that concluded Bobby Darin’s recording career.  At Motown, Bobby brought together the many strains of his musical DNA and touched on pop, soul, rhythm and blues, gospel, folk and more.  He was joined on his Motown journey by a host of illustrious names, among them Smokey Robinson, Bob Crewe, Jerry Marcellino and Mel Larson, Joe Porter, Gene Page, James Carmichael, Charles Fox, and more.  This 2-CD set includes:

The original Bobby Darin album (1972), never on CD anywhere in the world;

The posthumously-released Darin 1936-1973 album (1974) in producer Bob Crewe’s original mix for the first time ever on CD;

Remastering from the original analog master tapesby acclaimed engineer Kevin Reeves; and

Detailed liner notes featuringbrand-new interviews with Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Jerry Marcellino!

And that’s not all.  You’ll also hear:

Every one of Bobby Darin’s Motown singlesincluding “Melodie” and “Someday We’ll Be Together” in mono and stereo; and

Five alternate Darin 1936-1973 mixes issued on the long out-of-print 1991 CD!

This set features Darin’s interpretations of songs by a host of remarkable writers.  Bobby had collaborated with Randy Newman on the song “Look at Me” for the 1964 motion picture The Lively Set.  Here, he tackles Newman’s masterpiece “Sail Away” in majestic style.  Bobby also brought new life to tracks by Cat Stevens (“Hard Headed Woman”), Paul Williams and Roger Nichols (“I Won’t Last a Day Without You”) and Bob Dylan (“I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,” “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”) as well as a pair of his own, personal compositions (“Something in Her Love” and our title track, “Another Song on My Mind”).  On Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson and Deke Richards’ “Melodie,” Darin tapped into The Sound of Young America to create a thrilling slice of Motown soul.  His emotional, moving performance of Smokey Robinson and Michel Legrand’s “Happy (Love Theme from Lady Sings the Blues)” is a tour de force.  Sizzling renditions of “Mack the Knife” and “If I Were a Carpenter” seal the deal, proving without a doubt that Bobby Darin was still at the top of his game during his time at Berry Gordy’s revolutionary record label.

I’ve compiled, co-produced and written the liner notes for this package celebrating this lost final chapter of Bobby Darin’s career.  Bobby would have turned 80 on May 14, 2016.  We hope you’ll join us in kicking off his landmark birthday year in May with this release of which we’re incredibly proud to finally bring to you.  Whether you’re a fan of Motown, R&B, pop, soul or classic vocals, Bobby Darin delivered them all with inimitable verve and passion.

We have another big announcement, too!  If you’re looking to further explore the extraordinary career of this one-of-a-kind artist, please visit the newly-launched site The Bobby Darin Underground!  This ever-growing and evolving resource is headed by a team of dedicated and passionate Darin fans and collectors, and promises to become the Internet’s top spot to commemorate the Bobby Darin legacy and share news of new projects!  Head on over to join the community and discover a wealth of history (including a rarity to be posted every week!) and knowledge (including album and single discographies and much more!) about the man and his music!

Another Song on My Mind: The Motown Years arrives from Second Disc Records and Real Gone Music on May 6, 2016 and you can pre-order at the links below!  Watch for more details coming soon about the rest of Real Gone’s exciting May 6 slate!

Bobby Darin, Another Song on My Mind: The Motown Years (Second Disc Records/Real Gone Music, 2016)

CD 1: Bobby Darin and bonus material

  1. Sail Away
  2. I’ve Already Stayed Too Long
  3. Something in Her Love
  4. Who Turned the World Around
  5. Shipmates in Cheyenne
  6. Let It Be Me
  7. Hard-Headed Woman
  8. Average People
  9. I Used to Think It Was Easy
  10. My First Night Alone Without You
  11. Melodie (Original Single Version) (Mono)
  12. Someday We’ll Be Together (Original Single Version) (Mono)
  13. Simple Song of Freedom (Live) (Original Single Version) (Mono)
  14. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Live) (Original Single Version) (Mono)
  15. Sail Away (Original Single Version)
  16. Hard-Headed Woman (Original Single Version)
  17. Average People (Original Single Version)
  18. Something in Her Love (Original Single Version)

CD 2: Darin 1936-1973 and bonus material

  1. I Won’t Last a Day Without You
  2. Wonderin’ Where It’s Gonna End
  3. Sail Away
  4. Another Song on My Mind
  5. Happy (Love Theme from Lady Sings the Blues)
  6. Blue Monday
  7. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
  8. The Letter
  9. If I Were a Carpenter (Live)
  10. Moritat (Mack the Knife) (Live)
  11. Happy (Love Theme from Lady Sings the Blues) (Original Single Version)
  12. Simple Song of Freedom (Non-LP Single) (Alternate Mix Single Version) (Mono)
  13. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Non-LP Single) (Alternate Mix Single Version) (Mono)
  14. I Won’t Last a Day Without You (Alternate CD Version)
  15. Wonderin’ Where It’s Gonna End (Alternate CD Version)
  16. Happy (Love Theme from Lady Sings the Blues) (Alternate CD Version)
  17. Blue Monday (Alternate CD Version)
  18. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Alternate CD Version)
  19. Melodie (Stereo Single Version)
  20. Someday We’ll Be Together (Stereo Single Version)

CD 1, Tracks 1-10 from Bobby Darin, Motown LP M753L, rel. August 1972

CD 1, Tracks 11-12 & CD 2, Tracks 19-20 from Motown single M 1183, rel. April 19, 1971

CD 1, Tracks 13-14 from Motown single M 1193F (initial pressing), rel. November 24, 1971

CD 1, Tracks 15-16 from Motown single M 1203F, rel. June 2, 1972

CD 1, Tracks 17-18 from Motown single M 1212F, rel. November 3, 1972

CD 2, Tracks 1-10 from Darin 1936-1973, Motown LP 813V1, rel. 1974

CD 2, Track 11 from Motown single M 1217F, rel. November 20, 1972

CD 2, Tracks 12-13 from Motown single M 1193F (second pressing), rel. November 24, 1971

CD 2, Tracks 14-18 from Darin 1936-1973, Motown CD 3746351852, 1991