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Bobby Darin – Child of God – Original Wide Stereo LP Mix, Rare Christmas Single!

Happy Holidays, Gang!

Here’s Bobby’s sole Christmas single in rare WIDE STEREO from his excellent 1960 spiritual Christmas LP, “The 25th Day of December”. (Note the original single, “Child of God”, was released as mono-only).


Released by ATCO in 1960, Bobby chose to record more “spiritual” songs to celebrate the season as opposed to the more traditional pop “Jingle Bells”, “Sleigh Ride” tunes he could have easily knocked out of the park.  As usual, Bobby wanted to do something different – an album that felt like the holiday spirit – spiritual jazz pop gospel – the Darin way.

Arranged by Bobby Scott (who arranged Bobby’s two originally shelved ATCO LPs, “It’s You Or No One” and “Winners”).  There was simply a glut of Bobby material he recorded at the time and they released those two complete albums after his tenure at ATCO.

you or no oneWinners

This wonderful seasonal album is available in WIDE stereo exclusively on the Real Gone Music CD reissue, mastered directly from the original stereo tapes!




Bobby Darin’s “Goodbye Charlie” with Vocal Warm-Ups Complete in Stereo from the Original Capitol 3-Tracks!

BD and Dick Clark w Goodbye Charlie

We continue the celebration of Bobby’s 80th Birthday Week with an invite inside Capitol studios on September 18, 1964 with Bobby recording the final and released take of “Goodbye Charlie”, from his Capitol LP, “From Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie”!

Enjoy Take 3 as we begin rolling…  “Goodbye Charlie” Arranged and Conducted by Richard Wess, Produced by Jim Economides.  Straight from the original 3-track tapes, and final masters, assembled by the Legendary Ron Furmanek in 1989!

Bobby Darin, “Goodbye Charlie” (Previn/Langdon) (Stereo) rec. 9/18/1964

BD Collectors Series

This exclusive version is available only on Bobby’s “Capitol Collector’s Series” – get it HERE!

Happy Bobby Darin 80th Birthday Week!


Bobby’s Exclusive Song “That’s How It Went, All Right” from his Debut Film Performance in 1960’s “Pepe”!

Bobby was a busy, busy man in 1960, and with an eye on pictures, he made quite a splash in his 5-minute debut performance in the Oscar and Golden Globe nominated all-star singing cast and film, “Pepe” in which the protagonists encounter some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (including Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Jack Lemmon, Sammy Davis Jr., and lucky for them and us, BOBBY DARIN!).

Pepe Film Poster Quad

This number, written by the esteemed Andre Previn and recently married wife Dorothy (Langdon) – a perfect tune for Bobby and he nails it.

Most likely recorded at the same session Bobby recorded the theme to “Tall Story” by the same writing team (“Tall Story” would appear as the b-side to Bobby’s “Clementine” single – though he sang the theme song, Bobby did not appear in film).

From the Colpix Records stereo soundtrack, “Pepe” long out of print on LP, but re-released on CD in 1999 by Collector’s Choice Music… Colpix Records was created just two years earlier by Columbia Pictures-Screen Gems (now Sony Screen Gems) and “Pepe” was one of their first LP releases.

Pepe LP

Bobby Darin, “That’s How It Went, All Right” (Previn/Langdon) (Stereo) rec. 2/5/196

Settle in to this great song… and just wait for Bobby to really “kick in” – this neglected cut (never released on a Bobby Darin comp) really cooks!  Enjoy!

Purchase the original 1960 LP or the OOP 1999 CD Soundtrack HERE!

Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical Coming to Sydney, Australia – Here’s Bobby’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Broadway’s “Funny Girl”!

A new musical based on the life of and music of the amazing Bobby Darin is coming to Sydney, Australia!  You lucky Aussies..

Dream Lover David Campbell Bobby Darin Musical

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” from the musical “Funny Girl” (1964) seemed MADE for Bobby to belt.  Recorded and released as the final track on Side 1 of his excellent “In a Broadway Bag” LP in 1966 (before the movie starring Barbra Streisand came out in ’68) here’s the well-balanced STEREO mix of this great number!

Is there a better opening to a Bobby recording than “Hey world… Here I Am!”?  Pay close attention to his quiet vocals before that opening line… he’s revving up!

In a Broadway Bag

Listen to Bobby’s powerful studio version here!

“Don’t  Rain on My Parade” (Merrill/Styne) (Stereo), Prod. Bobby Darin, 1966

Note: The “In a Broadway Bag” LP was originally released under the title “Mame” in the UK, same tracklisting –  Bobby’s take on the song, “Mame” was the surprise hit from the “In a Broadway Bag” LP.

Although the cut was not the album opener, or even the first track on Side 2, Bobby would play this song FIRST UP in his many live appearances during this time – and used to great effect as his opener on his BBC special, “Something Special”, in 1967.

Get the original vinyl, very rare on CD, or purchase the track from PonoMusic here!

And here’s the official page for Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical!  Read all about it!

Fantastic Rare 1963 Capitol Album Cut “Who Can I Count On?” duet with Merry Clayton of The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”!

Recorded in mid-Jan, 1963, this fun, addicting, upbeat duet for the country-tinged “You’re The Reason I’m Living” LP finds Bobby taking on the b-side to Patsy Cline’s 1961 hit single, “Crazy”!

Merry Clayton Singing

Not only is Bobby’s duet partner a deep-voiced soulful powerhouse that bounces off him perfectly, but this is Merry’s FIRST commercial appearance on record ever, and unbelievably was only 14 years old at the time of recording!..

A mere 6 years later, the world will forever know Merry’s soaring voice as the counterpoint to Mick Jagger’s in the ubiquitous Stones’ smash, “Gimme Shelter”.

Merry Clayton could sure belt it out – check out her-pre Stones hit, with the great Bobby Darin – sure sounds like they had a great time, and once again, Bobby finds the right talent before anyone else has caught on to put out a heckuva joyous number!..

Merry Clayton Quote on Bobby Darin

Listen to this rare duet here!

“Who Can I Count On?” with Merry Clayton (Sammy Masters), 1963

Left off the 4-CD “The Capitol Years” box set, “Who Can I Count On?” can be found on the second side of the original Capitol LP, 1963’s “You’re The Reason I’m Living”, produced by Nik Venet.

You're the Reason I'm Living LP

You can purchase the track in CD-quality at PonoMusic or on the OOP 2-fer CD paired with 1965’s “Venice Blue” LP HERE