Tips for Using Plywood in Interior Design

If you are looking to have that bespoke look in your house then olywood is the way to go. It is a great material of choice because it is easy to work with and can create typically anything that you would fancy. We have put a few ideas that will inspire you to make that much needed change into your home.

Have your kids in mind

Plywood has a lot of surprising aspects to it and when incorporated into any space it just magically transforms it. This material is an ideal material to be used in children’s rooms. It is cost-effective, durable and can be used to make playhouses or even furniture.

Home decorations

Plywood is a wonderful craft material that can easily be transformed into an accessory. Various types of shelves, lighting fixtures, headboards, coat hooks, mirror frames, floor lamps are just a few examples of how you can use plywood to make decorations. You can choose to leave the plywood in its natural color or you can paint it according to your preference. For more inspiration make your way to

Plywood furniture

The Scandinavian design has embraced the use of plywood in their interiors and has become such a trend. Furniture pieces made of plywood are eco-friendly, and can easily blend in with contemporary designs and modern technology.

Plywood ceilings

If you are looking to have that contemporary edge into your house, then incorporating plywood into your ceilings will do just that. Plywood is light and attractive that adds unrivalled beauty to spaces. Not only does it create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it also adds a rustic touch to your spaces.


Plywood is known to have plastic properties which is why a lot of interior designers are embracing it to make interior lights. This material’s simplicity makes it easy to use so as to produce simple and eye-catching models. The light fixtures can be modelled into different designs depending on the user’s preference.

Other ways you can use plywood for your interior

  • You can use them to make kitchen cabinets
  • It can be combined with other materials like concrete for a stunning design
  • Can be used for partitioning